Brand Story

Smart-Grid + Fuel Cell, the most competitive solution by CHEM

Total Solution in power system is the core business of CHEM. With the competitiveness in providing Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) and Power Engineering Turn-Key solution, CHEM has been continuously developing and introducing the most advanced technology to Power Management of Smart Grid and Micro Grid. Fuel Cell (FC) as the back-up power plays the vital role in the whole Grid solution, thus, CHEM is getting R&D in Fuel Cell technology under way.

Since 2008,CHEM has been proactively developing the sub-systems of the fuel cell, stack, reformer and converter, to name a few. Throughout the years, CHEM has been as the vital role in the demonstration projects for fuel cells in the programs under Department of Energy and has been receiving high-level recognition with great feedback from different industries. In 2014, CHEM acquired H2PT, a well-known American fuel cell company, to speed up the integration of technology and research development. 2016, we also acquired the back-up power business at Ballard from Canada. At the current stage we use our own brand names and channels to open up the business with our ME2Power, a reforming methanol-based Fuel Cell. Our technology in FC has gone beyond the requirement from TUV. The production line in Linko has also been approved by ISO certification. Meanwhile, CHEM has already expanded the technology with application for emission reduction in industrial use and transportation use. ME2H reflects the goal to maximize the result from technology and research in application. CHEM is ready to dedicate its greatest efforts in both R&D capabilities and competitive strengths in product patents with innovative business models for the global market.

Mitigation strategies of climate warming by carbon reduction and pollutant prevention have become a central issue that draws increasing attention and heated discussion. Immediate actions on emissions reduction is not simply a slogan but a universal value. At the moment of understanding the possible tighter and stricter emission regulations by governments, it is foreseeable that the impact is not only for industries but individuals.

From the perspective of sustainable development and green economy, CHEM is ready to dedicate its greatest efforts in both R&D capabilities and competitive advantages in Smart-Grid + Fuel Cell to get ready for the coming growth in demands.